Languages Other Than English (LOTE) - Arabic


Learning a foreign language means stepping into a whole new world of experience. As young people have limited chances to mix with other cultures or to travel, learning a language through school is an important way of growing in understanding and openness to the wider world.


At Al-Faisal College, the Language other than English taught is Arabic as it is the language of the Holy Quran.


Communication is the goal of using language, so we focus on a communicative approach in our classes. Arabic is the official language in many countries of the world and is the fourth most widely taught language in the world, so it is very useful for travelling. We also teach an appreciation for the Arabic culture and discover the many ways it has influenced our own.


Arabic is taught:


- At beginners' level from Kindergarten to year 6 with integration with HSIE (History and Geography) and other key learning areas.


- Students in years 7 and 8 study 200 mandatory hours of Arabic at different levels.


- Arabic may also be studied as an elective course in years 9 and 10 within an indicative time of 200 hours.                                                    


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