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ANZAC Commemoration Service Hyde Park Memorial
By Aisha Yaseen and Hayfaa Bakour
May 9, 2014

The 9th of April was a day of commemoration for the WWI veterans that bravely established a major part of Australia's identity. It was an honour to attend such an event and lay our wreath on the steps of the Australian War Memorial Museum. The event involved both Government and Independent schools across Sydney gathering at the ANZAC Memorial in Hyde Park.

Standing alongside hundreds of people that came from across Sydney was an extremely humbling experience that emotionally moving for both the year 12 and year 6 prefects. It was inspirational and educational as we heard personal recounts spoken by the grandchildren of war veterans who served as foot soldiers during the War. The event included authentic Australian orchestral music that expressed the value of the War Veterans. 

As a Muslim, in Australia, it is wonderful to commemorate the soldiers in such a unified manner. Not glorifying war, rather remembering, recollecting, and learning from the events of the first ANZAC day in Gallipoli.

Aisha Yaseen (Senior Prefect) and Hayfaa Bakour (School Captain)